Performance Consultancy

Feasibility Study for University of Ulster


Performance Consultancy, with Ryder Architecture, developed a space strategy for the University of Ulster to inform the development of their new campus.


At the outset of the project, we worked with the University of Ulster to fully understand their aspirations and develop a range of tools to reflect these.


• An electronic questionnaire was developed to gather data on the aspirations of staff and students for the new campus.


• The Mall, one of the most well used and accessed spaces in the existing university, was the subject of an observation study to determine how it was working and the purposes it served.  Heads of department were interviewed and asked to indicate how they envisaged the way in which they worked changing, in relation to overall organisational aspirations.


• A post-occupancy evaluation of a recently completed city centre facility was conducted using questionnaires and workshops.



Floor plan of main building identifying findings